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The Interuniversity Research Centre on Public Services (CRISP) is an interdisciplinary academic network of Universities, leaded by University of Milano-Bicocca. Crisp, founded in 1997, is composed by University of Milano-Bicocca (leading), University of Milan, Catholic University of Milan, University of Bologna, University of Udine, University of Brescia.

The mission of CRISP is to pursue research, projects, and professional training in Data Science and Big Data Analytics, deriving value from data to support the decision-making process through its multidisciplinary team of computer scientists, engineers, statisticians and economists.


  • Focused Projects
  • Multidisciplinary skills
  • Academic team
  • Partnership with public and private entities


The Research Goal of the centre is to study and support policy and decision-makers in the analysis of socio-economic phenomena through novel AI, Big Data and Statistics algorithms and pipelines by processing statistical, administrative and web data as well.



The innovation and research developed in a multidisciplinary academic environment has led the Crisp Centre over the years to carry out national and international projects for public and private entities.



The Crisp Center has always given great importance to training, through various training offers with the aim of providing fundamental knowledge for all those who have to manage large amounts of data (structured and unstructured), to improve business decisions, analyze business processes and define new products and services.