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ACSOL – Acquiring Crisis proof skills through online learning

The ACSOL project (Acquiring crisis-proof skills through online learning) addresses two service sectors which have been very hardly hit: 1) Social care and 2) Arts, entertainment and culture. Analysis of labour market intelligence indicates low-skilled workers in these sectors tend to lack skills to easily adopt the digital transformation of their jobs, and that that they often lack the necessary skills to access the more complex online training formats to equip them with these skills. ACSOL offers these low-skilled workers the opportunity to train themselves in essential digital skills in order for them to gain access to further digital training and to be better prepared in their job. The ultimate aim of the ACSOL project is to expand adult digital skills training provision through online learning which would have significant advantages for workers in social care as well as entertainment, arts and culture. In particular, online learning on digital skills could help reach a much bigger number of learners on these sources in the context of the COVID‑19 crisis but it is crucial for our transnational project to make online learning more inclusive and more effectively convey the relevant meaning in the target group, with a training adapted to the profile of the low-skilled workers and key digital skills for challenges and opportunities on jobs related to digital transformation on both sectors. We propose to design and develop an eLearning toolkit that will boost the digital literacy skills and specific skills of current low-skilled workers, through continuing VET, so that they are able to both face the crisis provoked by COVID-19 and to increase their opportunities to improve their job and working conditions. To do so, we will first carry out a thorough labour market statistical analysis of online vacancies in the occupations on social care and arts, entertainment and culture activities to identify the impact of COVID-19 crisis on jobs and the evolution of digital skills demanded by labour market, which will be completed with a survey to micro companies, workers and users about the degree of digital transformation and will help gather ideas for business transformation and digital skills for workers and occupations on these sectors. The ACSOL products will be available online in 5 different European languages and will be tested with workers for their feedback in each region to get conclusions and improvements for the tool which will be incorporated.