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Analysis of Italian Online Job Vacancies for Tertiary Sector Managers with pre/post COVID-19 trend

The goal of the work is to conduct a study that analyzes job advertisements for managers in the service sector on the dimensions of analysis at the spatial, temporal and professional level, producing “”chapters”” that are intended to answer:

  1. Comparison of pre/post COVID-19 labor demand: the analysis is aimed at
    to identify changes related to labor demand for managerial figures in the service sector over the pre/post COVID period.
  2. Compare pre/post COVID trends of tertiary managers with the same figures/sector in France, Germany, and Spain.
  3. Compare tertiary managers with the same figure in the other sectors, or the other figures in the same sector.
  4. What is the impact of digital? Indicators and graphs intended to monitor, profession by profession, the impact of digital/non-digital/soft skills within each profession