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Towards the European Web Intelligence Hub Expert workshop in Salonicco

Since 2021, Cedefop and Eurostat have been jointly developing a pan-European system for gathering and analyzing information from online job advertisements (OJA) across all EU countries. To facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing, regular workshops are organized, bringing together Individual Country Experts (ICEs) and other key stakeholders such as participants from the European Commission and National Statistical Offices (particularly WIN). These workshops serve as a platform for discussing recent progress and gathering insights.

The last workshop was held on September 21-22, 2023 in Thessaloniki. The goal was to discuss and present the significant progress made in the “Year of Skills” project, which focused on intensifying analytics of the OJA database.
The workshop spanned 1.5 days and featured discussions on the following key topics:
  1. Research on Green Skills: Presentations and discussions regarding the integration of environmentally sustainable skills into job advertisements and their implications for the labor market.
  2. Index of Skill Relevance and Skill Change: A detailed exploration of methodologies for constructing an index that measures the relevance and changes in required skills over time.
  3. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Dataset: Insights into the creation and utilization of an NLP dataset for analyzing job advertisements, potentially revealing trends and patterns.
  4. Classification System with the 5th Digit: An overview of enhancements made to the classification system, which allows for a more granular understanding of job advertisements.
  5. Tool to Assess Source Overlap: Introduction to a tool designed to evaluate the overlap between various sources of job advertisements and its implications for data accuracy.

Overall, the workshop served as an invaluable platform for sharing knowledge, discussing recent achievements, and fostering collaboration among experts and stakeholders in the field of skill analysis within the European Union”



Mario Mezzanzanica-Fabio Mercorio-Emilio Colombo-Alessia De Santo