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Presentation of  the book “Sussidiarietà e lavoro sostenibile” produced by Fondazione per la Sussidiarietà e Crisp

The 2020/2021 report, in collaboration with Crisp (Inter-University Research Centre for Public Utilities) of the University of Milan-Bicocca, is dedicated to changes in the world of work, both at global and national level.

The major economic, social, technological and environmental changes that trigger profound transformations in the labour market. New initiatives from the European Union. Trends that are revolutionising the skills and knowledge required by businesses. The transformation of work organisation and new standards in personnel selection.

What contribution can work make to sustainable development? What impact has the pandemic had on the world of work? How can Italy return to growth and create new jobs?

The report addresses these questions and offers interesting perspectives to all players: companies, trade unions, institutions and operators.

The Report includes an unprecedented quantitative research on more than 2.5 million online job offers from 2015 to 2020 that identifies changes in more than 250 professional figures.

A qualitative survey conducted on a sample of HR managers highlights the ongoing evolution in candidate selection.

The Report also contains suggestions and proposals for policies and tools to promote active employment policies, always putting people at the centre.

The 2021 Report follows in the footsteps of previous research projects: Subsidiarity and… youth in the South, Subsidiarity and… SMEs for sustainable development and Subsidiarity and… sustainable finance.

The reflection on how the virtuous circle between the culture of subsidiarity and the commitment to sustainable development can contribute to the growth of Italy, modernising the country and reducing inequalities continues.



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