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Webinair Assintel “Osservatorio delle competenze digitali”

Presentation of the annual report of the Observatory – promoted by Aica (the Italian Association for Informatics and Automatic Computing), Anitec-Assinform, Assintel (National Association of ICT companies) and Assinter Italia (the Network of ICT Public Companies for Innovation in PA), and University of Milano-Bicocca – Crisp

The pandemic has accelerated digital adoption and has given a strong boost to the country’s need for transformation. Thanks to its dynamism, it has made it possible for businesses, PA and people not to stand still. Investing in new skills and in particular digital skills is the priority for the growth and competitiveness of our socio-economic system. But the digital world needs people with new hard and soft skills, who are able to combine specific technological and technical know-how with an adequate ability to understand the complexity in which we are immersed. Every production sector is now called upon to make an effort to achieve digital transformation as part of product, process and service innovation.
During the online event “Analysis, trends and impacts of the pandemic on ICT professions” the seventh edition of the Digital Skills Observatory will be presented, which photographs the change underway, updates and focuses on the analysis of the digitalisation of the skills required both in the management processes of information systems and in the functional areas of organisations, starting from a number of questions:

How has the demand for ICT professions changed?
Have we caught up with the labour demand/supply gap?
Which jobs have suffered and which are growing?
What role do digital skills play in other professions?

This year’s edition of the Observatory also contains a focus on three regions that are representative of our system – Lombardy, Lazio and Campania – to capture geographical differences and provide useful indications for activating training policies, re-skilling and business strategies.

Download the press review of the event:

press review Osservatorio 27-1-2022



Prof. Mario Mezzanzanica