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Real time labour market information on skill requirements: setting up the EU System for online vacancy analysis

This project aims at developing tools which are highly innovative in the domain of labour market and skill analysis.
The targets set by the tender are very ambitious and are at the intersection between the engineering of a tool and the development of research on the frontier of Data Science. In fact, although some research projects have been developed on similar issues, nothing comparable exists in the domain of skill analysis. This will therefore be the first attempt to construct a tool able to analyse skills from web vacancies in a multilanguage setting involving a large number of countries and idioms. This tool will be able to process, and analyse online vacancies for all 28 EU countries classifying vacancies in terms of standard classifications (ISCO, NACE, NUTS). The main skills will be classified according to ESCO, integrating this classification with further classifications referred to work experience, job requirements etc.